About Me

I currently work as an Associate Game Designer kicking butt on Combat, Camera, and Character designs and systems for our current project at Level-5 IA in Los Angeles, CA.

I would describe myself as a Game Designer/Scripter, with my work having me performing tasks related to systems, level, and technical design. On any given day, I may need to present a concept for a new feature, design a level that lets the Player effectively learn and utilize the feature, and script the feature's mechanics and gameplay.

I'm looking for a position that allows me to utilize my backgrounds in Computer Science, Film, and Game Design. I have a passion for cinematic games that incorporate techniques from other media to create memorable and exciting experiences to both play and watch.

Outside of games, I aspire to explore the world. I try to form an understanding of everything I see. That understanding is what initially drew me to game design as a career.

I enjoy hiking, working on my bikes, and working towards eventually running the Ninja Warrior course.