Blood Alloy

Roles: Programmer, Designer

Platform: Windows PC, PS Vita, PS4, Wii U

Engine: Unity

Language: C#, C++

Duration: 1 year 3 months

Team Size: 8

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  • Designed levels and enemies for the player to navigate and battle in game.
  • Optimized all existing code that came before my involvement in the project, including global high score tracking, server integration, enemy spawn master, audio manager, and game manager.
  • Wrote custom code to handle garbage collection and offloading and onloading of game assets in Unity, thereby improving performance on all intended deployment platforms. Handled Steamworks and Steampipe API integration in C++.
  • Currently designing extra levels and story for post release expansion. Writing dialogue for in game cinematics.
  • Became familiar with Microsoft and Sony TRCs and adapted the game code to fit within their standards.