A Hat in Time

Roles: Level Designer, Scripter

Platform: Playstation 4, Xbox One, Windows PC

Engine: Unreal Engine 3 (UDK)

Language: C++

Duration: 3 Months

Team Size: 20

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  • I was contracted to head up Level Design on new content for A Hat in Time. I pitched concepts to the team, complete with thematic breakdowns, potential layouts, mechanics and enemies that could be added, and basic blockmesh in Unreal Engine 3. My focus during the concept process involved creating a level that could teach the player the new mechanics, how they interact with existing gameplay ingredients, and lead the player up to a "Peak" moment where they'll utilize everything they've learned.

  • Once the concept was approved, I collaborated with the rest of my team to have assets created and gameplay programmed. I worked with our Senior Programmer to get basic systems for our new content programmed. I then scripted how those mechanics would integrate into the existing game, as well as scripted gameplay events. Because of the 3D nature of the game, I ended up using a good amount of Kinematic Equations, 3D Vector Math, and Interpolation knowledge to implement these. Kinematic Equations for sorting out the physics of launching projectiles and moving the character. 3D Vector Math and Interpolation for things like having enemies detect the Player, track and move towards their position, and shoot in their general direction.

  • Level Design-wise, I spent a lot of time working in editor. Figuring out how to get the Players attention, design with attention given to lighting, spaces, and welcoming openings in the level. This process took the longest, as we wanted to present an experience that was intuitive, but still required problem solving.

  • After all of the level and scripting iteration was done, a lot of attention was given to fixing up collisions, testing various existing mechanics against our level design, and determining the pain points to be solved.