Call of Duty: Modern Warfare "Rooftops 2" Campaign

Roles: Dialogue Writer, Editor, Scripter

Platform: Windows PC

Engine: Radiant Engine(COD:MW)

Language: Lua

Duration: 1+ years

Team Size: 2

Pre-Release Demo out in September

  • Providing reference and concepts for scenarios and set piece events to take place during gameplay.

  • Planning and setting cinematics for between-map loading screens.

  • Writing and editing dialogue that ties effectively into overall plot. Doing this with consideration for pacing and overall flow.

  • Scripting dialogue, callouts, and events that push along the narrative of the levels and overall game in Radiant with Lua.

  • Collaborating with teammate to get edits and scripts in when needed. Unblocking team by taking on additional game design and production problems as they arise.